Food and Allergy Testing

There are three ways you can do allergy testing with me:

Bio Resonance

You can have a bio resonance test. Testing food intolerance, nutritional decencies and environmental factors all cause stress to the body.


Bio resonance allows us to see what is happening in the body and so we can make decisions on how to improve your health. Bio resonance can test for food and environmental sensitivities. This can be a stand alone test or part of a session with me.

Food Sensitivity

I can test for foods that are giving you a reaction and I can advise how to avoid them.

Environmental Toxins

This is a test for environmental toxins that are causing you stress including heavy metals.

You can just have a vitamin and mineral test. This shows where you are deficient and I will then write up a report telling what foods are best to incorporate in your diet and also supplementation if needed.

Blood Tests

If you wish I can arrange for blood test to be carried out by Genevoa Diagnostics this does incur a higher fee.

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