As women start to move into the menopause this can be a difficult time with some women suffering from debilitating symptoms. If you visit your GP, you will be offered HRT. This is issue with having this while it will help your symptoms once you come off the HRT you will have to go through them, so all it does is delay things for a while. Symptoms you can have are hot flushes, poor sleep, feeling anxious, skin changes, dry skin, low libido, dry vagina, migraines and headaches can get worse, frequent urinary infection and aches and pains in your muscles and joints. Not all women suffer all of these, and some will have no effects whatso ever. Around 80% of women will have some menopausal symptoms.This can last for around 7 years although in some it can go on a lot longer to 14 years.

Once you have had no periods for 1 year it is deemed that you are through the menopause. You can however still have the hot flushes and other symptoms.

Having gone through the year with no periods there are other things that can occur in women’s bodies. You may experience painful sex, have dry skin, mood swings or feel anxious.

You can be thrown into the menopause if you have a hysterectomy, and they remove your fallopian tubes as well. You then go straight in with a bang.

  1. Hot flushes can start to occur in some people these can be quite debilitating. If you are suffering from these then wear layers of clothing so if you feel hot you can take off some layers. Have a window open as this will also help to keep you cool, especially at night. Try reducing or cutting out coffee and alcohol as these are known triggers for hot flushes.
  2. Night sweats are hot flushes at night for some women they can be quite debilitating especially if you wake up drenched in sweat and have to change clothes. If this is you try sleeping on a towel as towels can be easily swapped over at night.Have a glass of water by your bed that you can sip at night and have cool bedding covers. Run some cold water on your wrists to help cool you down.
  3. Dry skin. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water as this helps to keep your kin from drying out. Use a thicker moisturiser to help keep you skin hydrated. Don’t have long hot showers as this will dry your skin. You may want to consider taking a collagen supplement to help your skin.
  4. Your sleep can change, and you may suffer from poor sleep or insomnia. It is important that you do go onto your phone or tablet in the night as this will make things worse for you. Try some magnesium to help relax you. A nice relaxing bath can help you could put some Epsom salts in it to really feel relaxed. Reading a book can also help you feel tired and fall asleep. Get out in the open air in the day, if possible, as fresh air is always good for you and will aid sleep. keep the room dark have some blackout curtains, especially in the summer.
  5. When in the menopause you can feel anxious and have a low mood. You may want to try some St Johns wort or lemon balm to help your mood. Take some time for yourself practice deep breathing, or meditation. If you feel your mood is becoming too bad you may want to seek some help with therapy such as cognitive behavioural therapy or seek the advice of a GP.
  6. Feeling tired and worn out is a common symptom. Make sure you have a really good diet as you are what you eat. So, avoid processed meats and food, reduce sweeteners and other synthetic products. Reduce your intake of alcohol and reduce caffeine as this can make hot flushes worse.
  7. Foods that will help boost your low oestrogen are dark chocolate, always a good choice if like chocolate, garlic oil supplement, vitamin D so have eggs and mushrooms, consider a supplement especially in the winter, flaxseeds, soybeans and products lastly red clover.




My tops tips for helping in the menopause are eat well, make sure you have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, make sure you get enough sleep at night, exercise daily and manage your stress levels. Take a supplement if you need to. I am happy to advise. Use homeopathy as this can help reduce and clear symptoms. If you would like Bio resonance scans to help to settle your hormones, then please do book a discovery call and we can discuss if this is right for you.