Your little ones come into this world with lovely soft skin, but some of them go on to develop an itchy red rash eczema.

You visit your GP and are told it is eczema and not to worry it will clear up and they will grow out of it. In some cases, you may be given a steroid cream.

Steroid creams thin skin and cannot be used long term, they also take a while before the steroids leave the system after you stop using the cream. In a lot of cases the eczema returns.

Have you thought of alternatives?

You may like to try oats in the bath. Put an old pair of tights with oats in around the taps of the bath, as you run the water the oats will make it go an oaty colour this then helps to soften the skin and stop it getting too dry.

Calendula cream may also help this is wildly available from Boots and health food stores.

Homeopathic remedies to try are Sulphur if the skin is red and itchy which is worse in the heat and in water. They want to scratch it until it bleeds as this brings relief.

Natrum Mur is for eczema in the folds of the skin behind the knees and in the elbow creases.

Graphities for a crusty cracking eczema which oozes sticky honey coloured liquid.

Try not to let the skin get too dry and do not wash it every day unless absolutely necessary. Most children will grow out of it.

Older children and adults can also develop eczema the above solutions can also be tried. Coconut oil may help as a moisturizer and also taking evening primrose oil may also help.

You may want to look at foods and other toxins to see if they are a cause. Also I would suggest having aloe vera every day.

I am always happy to help and advise. Coral Byford