The menopause comes to all women at some time. Normally between the ages of 47-55 although this can vary enormously. There are some health issues that can bring on the menopause such as a full hysterectomy and also shock can bring it on. When your mother went through it also plays a factor.

It is the hormonal changes that start the menopause. Oestrogen and progesterone go down this triggers changes in the body such as menstruation stopping. Until you have not had a period for a full year can you safely say that you will not get pregnant so please make sure you use contraception as many older women have been caught out by this.

Hot flushes are really common some women have them mildly other have bad night sweats. Migraines can become worse or you may start getting them for the first time. Try keeping a diary of your hot flushes and headaches to see if there are any triggers. Common ones are chocolate, coffee, alcohol, stress and a hot room.

For hot flushes wear layers of clothing that way if you get hot you can remove a jacket or cardigan to help you cool down. Having a small fan in your bag can also help when you are out and about. Wear cotton night clothes and have cotton sheets on your bed. Have a fan in the room and or a window open to help you to stay cool.

Other symptoms of the menopause are mood swings, low libido, acne , spots and hair thinning and hair loss.

You may want to get your hormone levels checked. There are lots of natural ways to help with the menopause. I myself have gone through it and had hot flushes and bad headaches. I managed the hot flushes with some of the measures I mentioned along with homeopathy and bio resonance. The headaches I mange with homeopathy.

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